And now, I’d like to learn to follow light wherever it leads me, never again to say to a woman, YOU are beautiful, but rather to whisper: Darling, the way light fell on your hair this morning when we woke—God, it was beautiful.
— Michael Blumenthal's "Light, At Thirty-Two"

Young & Beautiful

2013 / Group / 1 min.
Filmmaker: Deborah Lohse
Choreographer: Deborah Lohse
Performers: Shakedown Dance Collective
Music: Bryson Andres

Coney Island Queen

2012 / Short Film / DSLR / 5 min.
Filmmaker: Deborah Lohse
Coney Island Queen: Ari Kiki
Music: Tom Waits "Coney Island Baby"

Auf Wiedersehen

After four years of touring, the cast of "Fraulein Maria" says goodbye to the work which brought them together.

2012 / Short Film / DSLR / 7 min.
Filmmaker: Deborah Lohse
Choreography: Doug Elkins' "Fraulein Maria"
Cast: Hilary Brown, Amy Cassello, Daniel Charon, Anne Davison, Alexander Dones, Doug Elkins, Krista Jansen, Deborah Lohse, Kellie Ann Lynch, Cori Marquis, Meghan Merrill, Donnell Oakley, Joshua Palmer, Michael Preston, John Sorensen-Jolink
Music: Sigur Ros "Varuo"
Location: Jacob's Pillow,  Becket, MA


Created in collaboration with composer David Fulmer, Spark is a visual response to Fulmer’s compositional idea of creating a work so soft and subtle that it would be barely audible.

2011 / Short Film / DSLR / 15 min.
Premiere: SONIC Festival at Joyce SoHo : New York, NY
Filmmaker: Deborah Lohse
Music: David Fulmer
Musicians: Eliot Gattegno, saxophone and the Argento Ensemble
Performers: Tammi Shamblin and Candice Thompson
Gaffer: Amanda K. Ringger