She’s like Carol Burnett spliced onto the body of a ballerina.
— Doug Elkins, Choreographer
TruDee "To All Those I Have Loved and Who Have Loved Me at Some Point or Postcard to My Ex-Husbands" Photo by Whitney Browne

TruDee "To All Those I Have Loved and Who Have Loved Me at Some Point or Postcard to My Ex-Husbands" Photo by Whitney Browne

A Note From Deborah 

TruDee, my alter ego, is a manifestation of optimism, fearlessness, unconditional love and play. She was born in 2014 out of a dare to try on a hot pink onesie with a mullet wig in a San Diego thrift shop. She danced her way out of the dressing room, Long Island accent intact and hasn’t stopped since. She creates short physical dance comedy vignettes, which she uses to transform any space into a stage. Trudee, a straddler of genres, has performed in dance programs, circus cabaret evenings and house parties.  

Trudee's Bio

TruDee is a formidable dance artist and storyteller from Tuckahoe, NY. She began her dance training at the age of five in ballet, tap and aerobics under the tutelage of Miss Belinda in the local parks and recreation department. Her love of theater emerged later on through the coveted role of the Virgin Mary in the church nativity play. In her senior high school drama class she wrote and performed in her first one woman play as the prima ballerina Margot Fonteyn.

In the past year, TruDee, an elusive genre straddler, has gone on to share her dance stories at Joe’s Pub, American Dance Festival, Chicago Contemporary Circus Festival, and the beloved West Village drag bars Boots & Saddle and Stonewall Inn. SILO and Marble House Project and Djerassi Artist Residency have hosted her musings and creative exercises. She has created dances and led workshops in performance for Advanced Curation and the Borough of Manhattan Community College.

TruDee would like you to also note that she is an award winning lip sync artist, ribboned competitive speed walking champion and holds the title as the youngest member of the her church choir joining the ranks at the age of 11. 

Trudee Profiles

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"Reaching Out"

2014 / Duet / 10 min.
Premiere: DANCE NOW Shared Artist Program at Joe's Pub NYC - November 2014
Choreographer: Deborah Lohse
Performers: Deborah Lohse and Audience Member
Music: Robyn, Loring and Anderson
Costumes: TruDee
Lighting: Lauren Parrish

2015 Chicago Contemporary Circus Festival - Anthenaeum Theater
2015 Dance Now Boston, Oberon - American Repertory Theater
2015 American Dance Festival, Motorco Music Hall

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